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All Laser Vision Correction for Nearsightedness, Farsightedness, Astigmatism, and Reading Vision

An estimated 17 million people worldwide have had some form of laser eye surgery to correct their vision and eliminate their dependency on glasses or contact lenses. LASIK vision correction is the most common procedure to correct vision problems caused by refractive errors, including myopia (near-sightedness), hyperopia (far-sightedness), astigmatism (distorted vision when looking at objects at any distance), and presbyopia (the inability to focus on nearby objects).

All of these conditions are caused by the manner in which the eye focuses an image on the retina, which is the light-sensitive layer at the back of the eye. A large part of the eye's ability to focus depends on the shape of the cornea, the clear front surface of the eye.

During laser eye surgery, Dr. Zaffater uses the Alcon FS 200 and Wavelight Alagretto to make permanent changes to the shape of the cornea. The laser produces a beam of ultraviolet light to painlessly vaporize small portions of the corneal tissue. This alters the shape of the cornea and corrects refractive errors.

People interested in having LASIK vision correction must meet certain criteria to be a candidate for this procedure.

At The Zaffater Eye Center, Wavelight vision correction starts with a free screening to determine if you are a LASIK candidate with no obligation to have the procedure. If you are a candidate and want to proceed with the procedure, Dr. Zaffater will perform a complete eye exam and schedule the LASIK procedure at The Willis-Knighton Eye Institute.

Are you a candidate for Laser Vision Correction?

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Wavelight Allegretto Wave Eye-Q

What is Wavelight Allegretto Wave Eye-Q Excimer Laser and how can it enhance laser vision correction?

The Wavelight Excimer laser offers individualized laser vision correction treatment. The Wavelight laser enables Dr. Zaffater to measure and correct unique imperfections in your vision. The result is a heightened level of vision for nearsighted, farsighted and astigmatic patients.

How does Wavelight Excimer laser work?

Wavelight LASIK offers customized vision correction with the reduction of halos, starburst effect, ghosting, and blurred vision after your procedure.

How does the Wavelight Excimer Laser work?

The Wavelight procedure begins with the creation of the corneal flap with the Wavelight FS200 Laser. This is followed by the gentle customized re-shaping of the deeper corneal tissue underlying the flap which then corrects your vision.

What can the Wavelight Laser procedure do for me?

The Wavelight procedure may give you better vision than can be obtained with glasses or contact lenses, and may lessen vision problems at night.

Wavelight FS200

Wavelight FS200 For The First Step of LasikBlade Free Wavelight FS200

The Wavelight FS200 laser is used for the creation of the corneal flap (the first step of the Lasik procedure)

This amazing technology provides a less invasive, computer controlled, no-blade approach to the important first step of the LASIK procedure.

Flaps made by The Wavelight FS200 can be calculated and determined by the ophthalmologist and customized to meet the patient’s visual parameters. This level of predictability was not possible with traditional microkeratomes.

The integrity of the corneal biomechanics is a critical parameter in the success of the refractive procedure. Wavelight technology can produce minimal disruption of corneal biomechanical architecture and as a result very rapid visual recovery.

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